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If you use Square POS terminal hardware in your stores, you can accept Gift Up! issued gift cards directly in your Square POS terminal. instead of using our mobile app alongside your POS terminal.

This is an invite only feature at the moment and will be generally available in mid 2021. Please get in touch to register your interest.

How to enable Square POS integration

Head over to https://giftup.app/integrations and click "Connect" on the Square POS card:

Once clicked, you'll be asked to connect your Square account (if you've not already done so). Once your Square account is connected to Gift Up!, you can enable the Square POS terminal redemption option:

Once this is checked, all future gift cards sold via Gift Up! will be redeemable directly in your Square POS terminal. Any existing gift cards in Gift Up! will have to be redeemed as normal using our mobile/web app. More on this below...

How the connection to your Square account works

As Square already has a functional gift card system built-in, we just hook into that existing capability: when a gift card is issued in Gift Up! we ask your Square account for a gift card code. This gift card code gets returned to Gift Up! and we issue a gift card to the recipient as normal, but with a code that Square generated. 

Of course, we'll keep the balance up to date in Square if it changes in Gift Up!, and vice-versa, so if it gets used (partially or wholly) in Square, we'll make the necessary deduction in Gift Up! This means you are also welcome to add another redemption connection to Gift Up!, like an e-commerce store like Shopify or WooCommerce (for example), and have your Gift Up! gift cards redeemable online and offline safely and easily. 

Previously issued gift cards in Gift Up!

If you have any existing gift cards already issued in Gift Up! prior to connecting your Square POS terminal, these cannot be redeemed in your Square POS natively, instead you'll have to continue using our mobile/web app. This is because Square has a very specific code format for their gift card codes and the usual 5-character Gift Up! codes that we issue are not compatible with Square, so we cannot publish them to your POS terminal.  

But any new gift cards issued going forwards, will be redeemable in Square, and are identifiable by their long codes of a format similar to this: "7783320034748566", whereas we usually issue codes similar to this: "A3C4W".

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