CashApp payments

CashApp is a free mobile app, built by Square, available in the USA and the UK for direct payments between 2 people. 

Because CashApp do not make an API publicly available, we are unable to integrate in an online way with CashApp, but we do allow you to accept payment using CashApp using our offline payments approach. All that means is that when you get paid for a gift card by CashApp, you need to mark the gift card order as "paid" in order to release the gift card purchased. 

You can read more about offline payments here.

Use CashApp to take payments for your gift card sales

Head over to and enter your $CashTag:

Then, when someone wants to buy a gift card, paying with CashApp, we'll present them with this screen:

Whereby the purchaser simple scans the QR code using CashApp and makes the payment. You'll be notified instantly using CashApp and you can mark the relevant gift card order as "paid", and thereby instantly releasing the gift cards to the recipient!

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