How do gift cards get delivered?

You can choose from digital, postal, or both

By default, all gift cards your customers buy are digital. However, you can turn on the ability to accept postal orders for gift cards/certificates you already have printed. This is great if you already sell physical gift cards and want to offer them for sale in your Gift Up! checkout.

It gives customers a choice and you can charge for postage on your physical gift card sales.

Guide: Selling physical gift cards

Digital gift cards

Our digital gift cards get delivered via email. Your customers can choose who receives the email (either themselves at their email address, or the intended recipient's email address) and when (immediately, or on a specific date/time).

Here's what your customers will see when they buy a gift card using our drop-in checkout:

Postal gift cards

If you have some pre-printed gift cards/vouchers/certificates and want to accept postal orders, you can. You can also charge for shipping and you'll be notified by email whenever we sell a gift cards that you need to post. 

We do not print or post the orders for you.

You need to either print off the digital gift card via the dashboard, or have already pre-printed some blank gift cards/certificates that you can fill in the customer's details and the generated gift card code we provide. 

Here's how it will look to your customers: 

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