Collecting orders for post/collection

With Gift Up! you can turn on the ability to capture postal orders instead of, or as well as, digital/email orders. You get to specify which country/countries you're prepared to ship to, as well as set a price for shipping. 

How to enable postal orders

Head over to in Gift Up! and enable mail gift cards. 

Once you've done that you can add shipping options for your customers to choose from. You can specify which country (or countries) your shipping option serves, and at what cost.

What customers see after enabling postal orders

Once you've enabled postal orders, your customers will be presented with a choice of how they want their gift card(s) delivered, by post or email (assuming you still have email delivery enabled):

What happens when a postal order is placed?

Once an order is placed we'll tell you in two ways that you need to ship it

  1. We'll email you (and all other admins by default) that a new postal order has been received, with full details in the email
  2. We'll put a message in your dashboard reminding you that you've got some orders to post:

When you have prepared and posted the gift card, you just mark it as posted:

Notice that you can change the code before you post the gift card... This is to handle things if you've got a stack of pre-printed gift cards with codes already printed on them. In this case, when you get a new postal order, you just pick up a random physical gift card out of your batch and update the order before you post it and change the code in Gift Up!

It's important to note here that with all postal orders, Gift Up! auto-generates a random code at point of sale, but it does not tell the purchaser or recipient what the code is. The only time a gift card recipient knows what the code is, is when they receive it in the post. 

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