How to sell a gift card in-store (or issue a free gift card)

We support the ability to create and issue a gift card in our dashboard without taking payment online via your checkout. It's great for complimentary gift cards that you give away, or if you've taken payment elsewhere and want to issue a gift card to a customer.

You get full control over the gift card, including messages, expiry dates, etc... and you can even get us to deliver the gift card by email either immediately or at a later date.

Issue a gift card in Gift Up!

If you have gift cards with pre-printed codes

If you have a stack of gift cards that you're selling in-store, when you create your gift card in the dashboard, you get the chance to enter the actual code on the gift cards you're issuing to your customer:

This means you do not need to tell us in advance all your gift card codes on your 'inactivated' gift cards. 

What's the fee for creating a gift card in this way?

Instead of our usual 3.49% fee, we charge a flat fee of $0.50 per gift card created. But if you're on one of our paid plans, you get a generous allowance and you can usually create as many gift cards like this for free, as part of your plan. 

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