What is Gift Up's fee?

We have 2 plan types

  1. Pay-as-you-go plan (our default) - with a fee per gift card sold
  2. A paid annually plan - with no fees per gift card sold. 

Our pay-as-you-go plan

  • No monthly fee
  • No setup fee
  • 3.49% fee per gift card sold

When you sign up we'll put you on our pay-as-you-go plan. There's no setup or monthly fees and you can use Gift Up! in its entirety without a contract or tie-in. You can also pass some or all of our fee onto your customers if you wish to so that Gift Up! is completely free to use for you. 

Gift cards sold via the checkout, via our API, or via Zapier

We collect a 3.49% fee for every gift card you sell online (subject to a $0.50 minimum fee). 

Gift cards created in the dashboard

If you create a gift card in the dashboard we charge a fixed fee of $0.50 per gift card instead of a %; there is no % fee in these instances.

Our paid plans

  • 1 annual fee
  • No setup fee
  • 0% fee per gift card sold

All our paid annually plans include:

✓ Are an annual contract & allowance
✓ Are in USD and paid in advance for the year
✓ Include 0% fee on gift card sales
✓ Include no Gift Up! branding

If you go over the allowances

On our paid plans, there is no fee as long as you are within your plan limits for the year. If you go over your allowance we charge you:

  • Small plan: 3% on gift card sales over $15K per annum
  • Medium plan: 2.5% on gift card sales over $40K per annum
  • Large plan: 2% on gift card sales over $100K per annum

If you do not use all your revenue allowance in the year

If you buy a plan and do not use all of your revenue allowances in the year, we'll roll it over into the next year so long as you subscribe to a plan still. 

If you have multiple Gift Up! accounts

If you have multiple Gift Up! accounts, even if those accounts are in different currencies, you can share your plan with those other accounts. To do this, make sure that you have full admin access to all the accounts you'd like to share your plan with (so we know you have the authorization to share the plan!), then let us know, and we'll share your plan with those Gift Up! accounts. 

Downgrading/upgrading mid-term

Once you've chosen your plan to suit your requirements you can upgrade mid-term, but you cannot downgrade and get a prorate refund. 

If you upgrade mid-term, you will begin a new 12-month term and your current plan remaining allowance is added onto your new plan's balance. 

Example timeline:
15th October 2019 - Subscribed to Small plan: issued $15,000 revenue allowance.
19th March 2020 - Upgrade to Medium plan. Immediately prior to upgrading from Small to Medium plan, there was $3,000 in revenue allowance remaining. 

The new revenue allowance for the upcoming 12 months would be $43,000 ($3,000 carried over from Small plan + $40,000 for new Medium plan). The new Medium plan expires in 12 months' time: e.g. 18th March 2021.

If you downgrade mid-term to a smaller plan, your existing plan will play out until your initial 12-month plan term completes and you will be automatically transferred to your new plan size at the end of your 12-month term. No refunds are available on our paid plans. 

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