What is Gift Up's fee?

There's no setup or monthly fees, and you can use Gift Up! in its entirety, without a contract or tie-in, we just charge you 3.49% when you sell a gift card. There are no further fees whatsoever.

  • No monthly fee
  • No setup fee
  • 3.49% fee per gift card sold

We'll raise an invoice for you to pay once a month (assuming you've sold a gift card that month) and you can pay your invoice using a credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer or direct debit.

If you're happy paying in advance, you can save up to 45% on our fee by buying a pre-paid bundle (see below). You can also pass some or all of our fee onto your customers if you wish to do so.

Gift cards sold via the checkout, our API, Zapier, a bulk issue/corporate sale, or an in-store sale

We collect a 3.49% fee for every gift card you sell/issue (subject to a $0.50 USD minimum fee per gift card). 

Complimentary gift cards issued via the dashboard

If you manually issue a gift card via the dashboard, and you're not being paid for it by someone, we consider this a complimentary gift card. 

In these instances, the first 5 gift cards you issue through the dashboard will be completely free of charge. Any gift cards that are issued over the free allowance of 5 gift cards in the calendar month will be charged a reduced rate of 1.99% of the gift card balance, instead of our usual 3.49% rate. 

Gift cards issued per month Gift Up fee
First 5 gift cards issued $0
More than 5 gift cards issued 1.99% of balance issued*

*subject to a $0.50 minimum fee

There is a balance limit of $50 USD per gift card in your free allowance in order to not be charged, which means you can issue up to 5 x $50 gift cards per month, without incurring a fee from Gift Up! You can still issue gift cards of any balance via the dashboard, but you'll be charged our reduced 1.99% rate on any gift card balance issued over the $50 free allowance. 

Gift cards imported from another provider

To help you onboard your existing gift cards issued previously, we offer a fee-free import service for these.

Save up to 45% with our pre-paid bundles

If you're happy with Gift Up! (or are a larger seller and are looking for a volume discount), you're best off buying a pre-paid bundle. That way, you pay us in advance in one lump sum and do not pay any fee when you sell a gift card. 

The more you pay in advance, the more you save. 

Gift card revenue (USD) Bundle cost (USD) Fee per gift card Effective rate*  
Pay as you go $0 3.49% 3.49%
$1000 $34 0% 3.40%
$2000 $67 0% 3.35%
$3000 $100 0% 3.33%
$4000 $132 0% 3.30%
$5000 $164 0% 3.28%
$6000 $196 0% 3.27%
$7000 $227 0% 3.24%
$8000 $258 0% 3.22%
$9000 $288 0% 3.20%
$10000 $318 0% 3.18%
$15000 $464 0% 3.09%
$20000 $604 0% 3.02%
$25000 $736 0% 2.94%
$30000 $864 0% 2.88%
$35000 $988 0% 2.82%
$40000 $1105 0% 2.76%
$45000 $1220 0% 2.71%
$50000 $1330 0% 2.66%
$60000 $1545 0% 2.58%
$70000 $1745 0% 2.49%
$80000 $1940 0% 2.42%
$90000 $2120 0% 2.36%
$100000 $2300 0% 2.30%
$110000 $2470 0% 2.25%
$120000 $2635 0% 2.20%
$130000 $2795 0% 2.15%
$140000 $2950 0% 2.11%
$150000 $3100 0% 2.07%
$160000 $3245 0% 2.03%
$170000 $3390 0% 1.99%
$180000 $3530 0% 1.96%
$190000 $3665 0% 1.93%
$200000 $3795 0% 1.90%

*When you buy a bundle, you'll not be charged a fee per gift card sold, as you've paid us in advance. Instead, we include an "effective rate" in the table above to show you the rate you are effectively paying. In reality, you pay us once in advance, and then you enjoy 0% fees per gift card sold. 

For example, if you are reliably selling $120,000 USD in gift card sales each year, you'd be best off buying our $120,000 USD bundle at a cost of $2,635 USD and enjoying a 0% fee per gift card sold instead of our usual 3.49% fee. In this instance you'd be enjoying an effective rate of 2.2% (2635/120000).

We offer billing packs in your local currency equivalent to the above USD values. The exact pricing of the packs in your billing currency is available in your billing portal: https://giftup.app/billing

Selling over $200K in gift cards per year?

Firstly, we'd love to work with you. At Gift Up! we have many larger businesses who use us from national chains to global brands. You'll be in good hands, and we have all the software capability you'll likely need, and if we haven't, we'll work with you build it. 

You can either:

  1. Buy our largest publicly available bundle ($200K) multiple times over to suit your needs, which is great to start with, or...
  2. If you're selling over $500K per year, get in touch with us and talk to us about our larger volume contract rates and payment options. 

If you have multiple Gift Up! accounts

You can share your bundles with those other accounts, even if those other accounts are in different currencies. To do this, make sure that you have full admin access to all the accounts you'd like to share your packs with (so we know you have the authorization to share the pack!), then let us know, and we'll share your packs with those Gift Up! accounts. 

Buying more than one bundle (or topping up an existing bundle you have)

You cannot top up an existing bundle, but you can buy another bundle at any time. We'll consume revenue from the oldest bundle first until it is depleted of its allowance, and then we'll move onto your next pack (if you have one), or you'll revert to our standard pay as you go rates. 

Bundles have a 12-month expiry, but this applies from first use. So if you buy 2 bundles ahead of time, the first one will expire 12 months after it's first used. Once that bundle is fully used up, we'll move onto your next pack and set that to expire 12 months from the date that second pack begun being used. 

Pre-paid bundle terms

All bundles are paid for in advance in full and expire 12 months from first use (not from the purchase date). Bundles are non-refundable. 

VAT in the United Kingdom

If you are a business based in the United Kingdom, all of our fees will have VAT charged on top of the fees stated above as of 1st October 2022. This VAT is reclaimable as part of your quarterly VAT return to HMRC. Our VAT number is GB 423020655.

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