Getting help logging in

Trouble logging in to the dashboard?

If you can't access the Gift Up! dashboard, you'll probably want to

  1. Double-check the email address you signed up to Gift Up! with (a common issue is to not enter it correctly initially!)
  2. If you have the correct email address, you can reset your password.

Reset your password

If you're using two-step authentication and have lost your device that generates your code, please enter one of your recovery codes that you (should have) saved when you set up two-step authentication. If you do not have any remaining recovery codes, please contact

Forgotten your pin when redeeming a gift card?

An easy mistake to make! You can either ask your dashboard administrator to set your pin to a number you remember, or you can reset it yourself.

Reset your redemption pin

Not received the email we've sent you?

Our email sending infrastructure is really quick and reliable, so it's almost never a problem our end in the sending of an email, instead it's most likely to be your email provider or email software you use that's not placing our email in your inbox. 

Open our guide on how to get our emails

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