Connect Gift Up! to your WooCommerce store, and we will enable your Gift Up! gift cards to be used in your WooCommerce shopping cart.

How to connect Gift Up! to WooCommerce

Firstly, you'll need our WordPress plugin. It's available using the standard WordPress plugin store via your WP dashboard. 

After you've installed the plugin and our drop-in checkout on a page on your WordPress website, you'll want to enable the WooCommerce connection:

  1. Login to your website control panel (at http://{your domain name}/wp-admin/)
  2. Go to WordPress Admin > Settings > Gift Up!
  3. Click the "Enable" checkbox to enable our WooCommerce connection
  4. Click "Update settings" button to enable our WooCommerce connection
6. Once you've enabled our WooCommerce connection, you have a few options:
Check the boxes to allow Gift Up! gift cards to be applied to shipping costs and/or taxes in your cart. 

How Gift Up! works with your WooCommerce cart

Your customers will be able to enter their Gift Up! gift card code into your cart: 

Gift card balances are looked up in real-time and are applied to the item costs only by default. You can allow gift card balances to be applied to shipping costs and/or taxes in the plugin settings. Gift cards can be used multiple times, until they are fully deleted in terms of remaining balance.

What about test gift cards?

By default, only live gift cards are redeemable in your WooCommerce cart. If you want to test the redemption process fully, create a test gift card in Gift Up! and enable test mode in the plugin settings to allow test gift cards to be redeemed. 

Once you do this, we'll allow you (and only you, whilst you are logged in as a WordPress Administrator), to enter a test gift card code in your cart. During this time, all other users (including normal customers) can still enter a live gift card code and test gift cards will not work for them. 

Why do I have to install your checkout to sell gift cards? Can I not set up a product called "gift card"?

I'm afraid not. The simple reason being that whilst we could look for all orders coming from WooCommerce containing that product, we would not know where to send it to, or when. 

In our checkout your customers can be very specific about who gets the gift card and crucially, when. During the WooCommerce checkout it's not possible to collect this information, plus WooCommerce asks for postal address information, which would really confuse your gift card buyers as our gift cards are sent by email.

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