Receipts & invoices for orders

When an order is placed via your checkout we send out an email receipt automatically to the purchaser. It looks like this: 

Resending a copy of the receipt

If a customer needs another copy of the email receipt, just edit into the order and click the "Send email…" button:

On the following page, you get to choose what to send to the customer, just select to send the receipt:

Updating the content in the receipt email

You can update some content in the receipt email by heading over to where you are able to change and add some content:

What about generating an invoice?

We don't send out a formal invoice, instead we send out the more informal receipt. If a customer requests an invoice which contains certain information like your tax number and address etc... we recommend that you add that information to the receipt email above to deal with new orders going forward, but you'll have to handle this customer's query manually as changes to email templates only affect future orders, not past ones. 

You can also add dynamic information to the receipt email, like the payment reference number, the gift card code(s) etc… by following this guide

If you need to show a sales tax breakdown in your receipt, that can be achieved by applying a sales tax to your orders going forward, these can be inclusive or added on top during sale. 

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