When customers arrive at reception to book in, they may present you with a Gift Up issued gift card for your hotel. You can check the balance of the gift card and apply the balance to any open folios with a balance due at any point before they check out. 

How to sign up for Gift Up

To create your own Gift Up account, simply visit our sign-up page here:

Connect Cloudbeds to Gift Up

1) Head over to our integrations page and click "connect" on the Cloudbeds card:

2) Sign in to your Cloudbeds account to authorize us to install our app in your Cloudbeds dashboard:

3) Once connected, you'll be able to use our redeem app as normal, but instead of just deducting a balance from a gift card, we'll also apply a corresponding credit to a nominated reservation in Cloudbeds.

Alternatively, you can connect to Gift Up from within the Cloudbeds PMS: 

1) Login to your Cloudbeds Account

2) Select the sprocket icon to navigate to the Cloudbeds Marketplace:

3) Open the APPS AND INTEGRATIONS section and select Marketplace:

4) Search for "Gift Up" and select the Gift Up app

5) Click "Connect App"

6) Review the Application Authorization page and select APPROVE:

7) Complete the login or sign up process in Gift Up

Upon completion of the above steps, Gift Up will create your account, which you can then sign in to.

How to redeem a gift card

You are not able to redeem a gift card within the Cloudbeds dashboard, but you are able to redeem a gift card's balance in the Gift Up redeem app. As part of that process, you can nominate a reservation to transfer/apply the gift card balance to, either in part, or wholly:

After which you should see something like this in the reservation's folio:

How to disconnect Cloudbeds from Gift Up

Head over to the Gift Up integration store and click disconnect on the Cloudbeds integration:

Alternatively, you can disconnect from within the Cloudbeds PMS.

FAQs and how to get support

You can contact support at any time by emailing us at

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