Does Gift Up's fee include payment processing fees?

No, it does not. Our fee is on top of any fee that your payment processor charges you. However, in most cases, this is generally irrelevant as you only pay payment processing fees once, either on your gift card sale or when they come in and buy the product/service directly from you without a gift card. You never pay it twice in reality. 

Let's explore in a bit more detail; say you are a spa and sell a $100 treatment. 

Scenario 1: Walk-in customer, pays with credit card

The customer walks in, has the treatment and pays for the treatment using a credit card. You will pay your standard card processing fee in-store. Let's just say, for argument's sake, that this is 2.5%, so that's $2.50 in fees total

Scenario 2: Walk-in customer, pays with gift card

The customer walks in, has the treatment and pays for the treatment using a $100 gift card they were given. You will not pay any fees for the in-store part, as there's no credit card payment to process. But of course, you did have to pay fees for the gift card sale. 

The fees for processing the gift card sale were 3.49% for Gift Up!'s fee + 2.5% for the credit card processing fee (again, assuming that is your credit card processing fee rate, it's lower in various countries and across card processors). So the fee for the gift card sale would have been $3.49 + $2.50, a total of $5.99. But crucially, whilst that appears bad, it's the difference between the 2 scenarios' costs that is important. And the difference, is our fee, so that's $3.49 in fees in total.

Of course, that's just our view on fees. The alternative is you don't sell gift cards because the fees appear uncomfortable at first glance, but in that world, you'll just do less business, as gift cards just won't get sold, so no new source of business 🤔 Which is not what you should do, of course. Also, don't forget that 10-15% of all gift cards that get sold never get used (industry and value dependant, of course), which far outstrips any fees involved in selling gift cards. 

PS, if you wish to pass on our fee to your customers, you can opt to do so.

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