How to view who and where gift cards were redeemed

If you want to get notified whenever a gift card is redeemed (and which of your staff/locations redeemed it), or you operate a business model that pays out money to your partners when they redeem a gift card you issued (think franchises), read on...

Before you begin - set up your user accounts

You will need to set up a user in your Gift Up! dashboard for every staff member or location that you want to track. It's up to you whether every user has their own access, or you issue a shared login to each of your locations. 

Invite users to your dashboard

View who redeemed a gift cards

There are 2 ways to track who redeemed a gift card and the value

  1. Set up the "Gift Card Redeemed" email notification, so you know who accepted/redeemed a gift card and how much was redeemed off it.

  2. Use our Reports section in your dashboard and view the redemptions (or download it as a spreadsheet) by staff user, the value and when (see below)

View where gift cards were redeemed

If you have multiple users in multiple locations and wish to know gift card redemptions by location, rather than just user, then you can create locations in Gift Up! and associate your users to them. When a gift card gets redeemed, we'll ask the staff user what location they are at (if they can act in multiple locations), and we'll record the location where the gift card was redeemed, along with who redeemed it. 

Tracking redeemed gift cards using Gift Up! reports

This is the best way to track who redeemed gift cards over a period of time. Head over to in your dashboard, and you will be able to view all redemption events in a time period, along with whom, the value of the redemption event, and when. 

You can also download this data as a CSV file that you can open in any spreadsheet app.

Get notified about every redemption by email

If you are happy to use a manual system to track redeemed gift cards, you can just turn on our email notification for this event. Head over to and enable the "Gift card redeemed" notification:

Then you will get an email that looks like this whenever a gift card is redeemed (notice how it contains the amount redeemed and the redeeming Gift Up! staff member's name): 

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