Square payments

If you have a Square payments account, you can connect it to Gift Up! and we will take payments online using your Square account.

You get paid for every sale in full straight away to your Square account balance, which will then be automatically paid out to your nominated bank account to your usual Square payout schedule. 

How to authorize Gift Up! to take payments using your Square account:

1) Log in to your Gift Up! dashboard, browse to https://giftup.app/integrations/square and click "Connect" in the Square card

2) Sign in to your Square account when asked. If you do not have a Square account yet, you can create one easily by clicking the "Sign up" link https://squareup.com/signup

3) That's it! You should see the connected account name displayed. If you have more than 1 Square location, you can change it by clicking settings in the Square integration card in Gift Up!

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