Stripe payments

If you have a payments account, you can connect it to Gift Up! and we will take payments using your Stripe account. 

You get paid for every sale in full straight away to your Stripe balance, which will then be automatically paid out to your nominated bank account within 7 days (2 days in the US).

With our Stripe integration we support all major debit/credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, EPS, Multibanco, Przelewy24, Alipay & WeChat payments.

Please note that Stripe is a payment processor, your Stripe account cannot be used to accept gift cards in your other platform/checkout, even if it uses Stripe's checkout system. To accept Gift Up! gift cards in your platform/system/checkout etc... you'll have to connect that separately to Gift Up!

Authorize Gift Up! to take payments using your Stripe account:

1) Log in to your Gift Up! dashboard, browse to and click "Connect"

2) Login to your Stripe account. If you do not have a Stripe account yet, you can create one easily by clicking the "Sign up" link

3) Head over to Developers > API keys in your Stripe dashboard and create a new Secret Key. We recommend giving the new Secret Key a name like "Gift Up!" so you know who is using it in the future. 

4) Copy & paste the "Publishable key" and the newly created "Secret key" into Gift Up! and click "Connect". Do not copy a secret key that contains a "..." in the middle of it, e.g. "sk_live_...p006", as this is a redacted key and cannot be used. You must create a new Secret Key in order to view the full Secret Key. 

5) That's it! We'll now take payments for your gift cards using your Stripe account. If you want to turn on any extra payment methods (like Bancontact, iDEAL, WeChat etc...) just click "settings" and enable the extra payment methods.

Common questions with our Stripe integration

1) Is 3D Secure/SCA supported for card payments?

Yes it is. Our Stripe integration fully supports 3D Secure payments where cards require ie. We are also fully compliant with the upcoming EU PSD2/SCA Legislation that requires ALL card payments within the EU to be verified using 3D Secure V2. 

2) Can I limit Gift Up!'s access to my Stripe account?

Absolutely. instead of giving us your general API key, you can create a restricted one, which means we'll only have the access we need (which is taking payments for you). Here's how to do it: 

Click "Create restricted key" in the API Keys section and create a key with the following properties...


  • Gift Up! (or anything else you like!)

Permissions (required):

  • Charges (Write permission)
  • PaymentIntents (Write permission)
  • Sources (Write permission)
  • Webhook Endpoints (Write permission)

Permissions (optional):

  • Apple Pay Domains (Write permission) if you want to accept payment via ApplePay

Once you've clicked "Create key" (highlighted above), you'll need to copy the keys into Gift Up! as per the normal instructions.

The "Standard" Publishable key goes into the "Publishable key" field in Gift Up!
The "Restricted" key goes in the "Secret key" field in Gift Up!

3) Do the Gift Up! issued gift cards get copied to Stripe for use in another checkout system using your Stripe account?

Unfortunately not, Stripe has no concept of "gift cards" in their system, they are a payment system first and foremost, and a subscription management tool secondly. Whilst they do support the concept of "coupons" in Stripe's dashboard, they can only be applied to subscriptions that you manage, and since there is no plug-and-play way to use them (i.e. you have to programmatically or manually apply a coupon to a subscription), we've elected to not sync gift cards as coupons. 

Even Stripe's new " Checkout" system, nice as it is, does not yet support the coupons in your Stripe account. When they do, we will enable syncing of gift cards as coupons. 

If you have a checkout system that uses Stripe's payment gateway and you want to accept the Gift Up! gift cards you've sold to make the chargeable amount via Stripe lower, then you need to either:

  • Use our developer API to integrate your system with Gift Up! directly, or...
  • Follow a developer/code-less approach outlined here
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