PayPal payments

If you have a PayPal account (either a personal or a business account), you can connect this to Gift Up! and we will take payments using your PayPal account. You get the full gift card revenue deposited into your PayPal account immediately. We then collect our 3.49% fee in a monthly invoice we issue to you. 

Connect your PayPal account

Log in to your Gift Up! dashboard and browse to

1) Click "Connect" in the PayPal card

2) Log into your PayPal account and grant permission for Gift Up! to process payments on your behalf

3) After this, you should be connected! Any gift card sale revenues will be deposited straight into your PayPal account.

Can my customers pay with a credit/debit card?

Yes, with our PayPal integration, we enable your customers to pay with their card instead. PayPal controls the buttons that get rendered in the checkout depending on your PayPal account and region and you'll get one of these experiences:

Option 1) PayPal's modern checkout experience (the default)

However, this is experience sometimes does not work on some PayPal accounts and your customers get an error when clicking the black "Pay with card" button, like what's shown below. This is a bug inside of PayPal that lots of external developers are complaining about. If you get this issue, switch over to the legacy checkout experience in our PayPal connection settings.

Option 2) PayPal's legacy checkout experience

With PayPal's legacy checkout experience, in order for a customer to pay with just credit or debit card, they will have to click the card icons underneath the main blue PayPal button. This is not intuitive but it is reliable.

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