Running a promotion

We have a powerful promotion engine built into Gift Up! that enables you to:

  • Create discount codes
  • Create automatic discounts
  • Give away a fixed or percentage discount on a gift card, or the entire order
  • Give away more credit per gift card sold
  • Schedule a promotion to run between certain dates
  • Issue an extra gift card(s) when one is purchased

Setting simple sale prices

If you are just looking to set a sale price for a particular item you sell and have it available to all your customers, follow this guide instead.

Our promotions engine is designed for much more complex scenarios that just setting sale prices on items.

Creating a promotion

You can create a promotion in the dashboard and you can enter all sorts of information, but it essentially comes down to 2 things:

Create a promotion

Entering the triggering conditions

We allow you to specify under what conditions this promotion will trigger, including:

  • Trigger when a promo code is entered during checkout or automatically
  • Trigger when a customer buys a specific item or any item
  • Trigger when a customer spends at least a specified value/number of gift cards

A customer has to meet all conditions to trigger the promotion

What is given away?

Once a customer triggers a promotion during checkout, you can specify what is given to them, including:

  • A fixed discount on the entire order (only shown when the customer is on the payment page)
  • A percentage off the entire order (only shown when the customer is on the payment page)
  • A fixed discount per gift card
  • Extra credit per gift card
  • Issue extra gift cards (like buy one get one free, of issuing a free $x gift card when you spend $y)

You can choose any combination of these to apply, but usually, you'll only enter one piece of information.

Warning: We often see mistakes in what is entered here, so please be careful and only enter a number in the field for what you want to give away

What restrictions apply?

You can specify some usage restrictions on the promotion if needed, including:

  • Limit the number of uses of the promotion (i.e. first 10 customers only)
  • Start date & end date


Once your promotion is concluded (or during), you'll likely want to know how many sales it generated. We report that directly on the Promotions page in your dashboard. 

Running multiple promotions at the same time

With the Gift Up! promotions engine, all promotions that apply to a particular checkout get applied, this means you can have multiple promotions running side-by-side and if conditions are right, all will apply. 

How to run "free gift card/buy one get one free" style promotions

If you want to issue extra gift cards as a reward, to either the purchaser or recipient, read our guide:

Running BOGOF style promotions

Testing your promotion

You definitely should test your promotion before making it live to your customers. We have a full test mode feature in Gift Up! that allows you to test your promotions. 

It should be said that you will need to publish your promotion in order for it to work, even in test mode. This might be a problem if your promotion is activated automatically. We recommend you change your triggering conditions while you are testing it, so that it is activated via a promo code that only you know (i.e. TESTINGPROMO1). 

You can then test your promotion via our test mode and revert the triggering back to "automatic" afterwards. 

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